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Why People Still Play Slots?

A slot machine is basically a matching game, it has a lever (often chrome), 3,4, or 5 logos (backlit), and a ton of light. You can’t miss it because casinos have that everywhere. You might probably be thinking by now, “why is it still around?” It’s undeniably an old technology, it was invented in the 1880’s by Charles Fey that hailed in San Fran and let’s just say it never evolved further.

If you never played slots before then you can’t possibly understand. You see in a general sense if there’s gambling involved any game can be enticing to play. Even a boring game can easily turn into something good once the bets are in. Slots is not a boring game (for the record), in fact, it’s a fun game and what made it fun is the thinking that you can win thousands of cash from a single coin. it doesn’t matter how many coins you put in, you win by random.

Why are people addicted to it? It’s a fairly simple game with fairly simple rules but with a not so fairly simple winning opportunities. The simpleness of the game makes it appealing, think about it if you can play a game without the need to think and just insert a coin in repetition you got yourself a good “unwind” or a good “stress reliever” game that can potentially win some money.

It has an online version: Addiction to slots is not only limited to a casino. There are a ton of online slots that you can play online, like the ones that has to offer. Slot888 gets you new mobile slots to play for countless hours. Get all the best and the latest slots and play different ones every single day.

Is there more to it? For the physical slots, from the mentioned above, that’s all there is to it. But for the online versions you get more. Aside from the constant refreshing facelift that you get on the online slots, you also get to play some bonus games within the game and if you top up on these online slot platforms, you get to have a few free spins. Those features doesn’t just offer longer game play but more chances for a player to win. Basically it’s a good value for money.

Playing slots is fun, and it has always been fun. It’s a fairly simple concept of gameplay but has been known to be a money magnet. With the hopes of winning thousands with just a single coin, it makes people become addicted and drawn to it. While the regular slots maybe limited on the hardware side of things, the online versions are not, and developers had been able to throw everything including the kitchen sink to make these online slots fun and a good value for money.

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